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Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong (Paperback)
    · 지은이 | 옮긴이:James W. Loewen
    · 출판사:Touchstone Books
    · 출판년도:2007
    · 책상태:낙서없는 상급 / 449쪽 / 161*233mm / 9780743296298(074329629X)
    · ISBN:9780743296298
    · 시중가격 :
    · 판매가격 :
    · 포 인 트 :
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InLies Across America, James W. Loewen continues his mission, begun in the award-winning Lies My Teacher Told Me, of overturning the myths and misinformation that too often pass for American history. This is a one-of-a-kind examination of sites all over the country where history is literally written on the landscape, including historical markers, monuments, historic houses, forts, and ships. With entries drawn from each of the fifty states, Loewen reveals that: The USS Intrepid, the "feel-good" war museum, celebrates its glorious service in World War II but nowhere mentions the three tours it served in Vietnam. The Jefferson Memorial misquotes from the Declaration of Independence and skews Jefferson's writings to present this conflicted slave owner as a near abolitionist. Abraham Lincoln had been dead for thirty years when his birthplace cabin was built. Lies Across Americais a realty check for anyone who has ever sought to learn about America through the nation's public sites and markers. Entertaining and enlightening, it is destined to change the way American readers see their country.

In What Ways Were We Warped? 
Some Functions of Public History 
The Sociology of Historic Sites 
Historic Sites Are Always a Tale of Two Eras 
Hieratic Scale in Historic Monuments 
The Far West 
Alaska Denali (Mt. McKinley):The Tallest Mountain -- The Silliest Naming 
HawaiiHonolulu:King Kamehameha I, TheRoman! 
CaliforniaSacramento:The Flat Earth Myth on the West Coast 
CaliforniaSacramento:Exploiting vs. Exterminating the Natives 
CaliforniaSan Francisco:China Beach Leaves Out the Bad Parts 
CaliforniaDownieville:Killing a Man Is Not News 
OregonLa Grande:Don't "Discover" 'Til You See the Eyes of the Whites! 
WashingtonCowlitz County:No Communists Here! 
WashingtonCentralia:Using Nationalism to Redefine a Troublesome Statue 
NevadaHickison Summit:What We Know and What We Don't Know About Rock Art 
NevadaNye County:Don't Criticize Big BrotherThe Mountains 
IdahoAlmo:Circle the Wagons, Boys -- It's Tourist Season 
UtahNorth of St. George:Bad Things Happen in the Passive Voice 
ArizonaNavajo Reservation:Calling Native Americans Bad Names 
MontanaHelena:No Confederate Dead? No Problem! Invent Them! 
WyomingSouth Pass City:A WomanShouldaDone It! 
ColoradoPagosa Springs:Tall Tales in the West 
ColoradoLeadville:Licking the Corporate Hand That Feeds You 
New MexicoAlcalde:The Footloose StatueThe Great Plains 
OklahomaOklahoma City:The Oklahoma State History Museum Confederate Room Tells No History 
KansasGardner:Which Came First, Wilderness or Civilization? 
NebraskaRed Cloud:No Lesbians on the Landscape 
South DakotaBrookings:American Indians Only Roved for About a Hundred Years 
North DakotaDevils Lake:The Devil Is Winning, Six to OneThe Midwest 
MinnesotaSt. Paul:"Serving the Cause of Humanity" 
IowaMuscatine:Red Men Only -- No Indians Allowed 
MissouriHannibal:Domesticating Mark Twain 
WisconsinRacine:Not the First Auto 
IllinoisChicago:America's Most Toppled Monument 
IndianaGraysville:Coming into Indiana Minus a Body Part 
IndianaIndianapolis:The Invisible Empire Remains Invisible 
KentuckyLexington:Putting the He in Hero 
KentuckyHodgenville:Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace Cabin -- Built Thirty Years after His Death! 
MichiganDearborn:Honoring a Segregationist 
OhioDelaware:Who Menaced Whom?The South 
TexasGainesville:"No Nation Rose So White and Fair; None Fell So Free of Crime" 
TexasAlba:The Only Honest Sundown Town in the United States 
TexasPittsburg:It Never Got Off the Ground 
TexasFredericksburg:The Real War Will Never Get into the War Museums 
TexasGalveston:This Building Used to Be a Hardware Store 
ArkansasGrant County:Which Came First, the Statue or the Oppression? 
ArkansasLittle Rock:Men Make History; Women Make Wives 
LouisianaLaplace:Suppressing a Slave Revolt for the Second Time 
LouisianaColfax:Mystifying the Colfax Riot and Lying About Reconstruction 
LouisianaNew Orleans:The White League Begins to Take a Beating 
LouisianaBaton Rouge:The Toppled "Darky" 
LouisianaFort Jackson:Let Us Now Praise Famous Thieves 
MississippiHazlehurst:The End of Reconstruction 
MississippiItta Bena:A Black College Celebrates White Racists 
AlabamaCalhoun County:If Russia Can Do It, Why Can't We? 
AlabamaTuscumbia:Confining Helen Keller Under House Arrest 
AlabamaScottsboro:Famous Everywhere but at Home 

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